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New Oasis Receives Two Major Certifications, STANDARD 100 and STeP
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People in the production and labor process will inevitably be physical, chemical and biological and other external factors lead to injury, in order to protect the operating environment in the safety of life and maintain normal production activities, to protect occupational health and safety of protective clothing by more and more attention in production activities play an important role. The safety of these occupational safety-related protective clothing should not be ignored.

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      New Oasis Receives Two Major Certifications, STANDARD 100 and STeP

manufacturing process

The fabrics produced by Suining New Oasis Printing & Dyeing Co. for workwear and special protective clothing have been certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® for 6 consecutive years since 2016. These labor protection fabrics with functions of acid and alkali resistance, anti-static, anti-infrared, etc. are polyester/cotton blended woven fabrics (natural white, white, reduction and dispersion-dyed, reduction and dispersion-printed), which were tested by the Hohenstein Laboratory in Germany, and have met the requirements of the health and safety of the STANDARD 100 Appendix 6 Product Level I - Products for Infants and Young Children.

In the process of transforming from a single fabric producer into a high-tech enterprise integrating fabrics, dyeing and printing, and apparel, New Oasis Dyeing and Printing, while focusing on technological development and increased automation of its equipment, also continuously monitors and optimizes its production process in accordance with the requirements of the STeP by OEKO-TEX® certification, which includes the use of environmentally friendly technologies, the efficient use of products and resources, and socially responsible working conditions.


Through the independent scoring of the factory by Hohenstein auditors in six modules - chemicals management, environmental performance, environmental management, health and safety, social responsibility and quality management - New Oasis Printing & Dyeing has achieved the highest level of STeP certification at Demonstration Implementation Level 3. The OEKO-TEX® STeP certified audits do not end immediately after the issuance of the certificate, but rather the factory is audited during the three-year validity period. Compliance and unannounced audits are carried out for the purpose of continuous production optimization. This is a dynamic way of showing society the results of the plant's sustainable performance in its daily production. 

By obtaining the STANDARD 100 and STeP by OEKO-TEX® certifications, New Oasis has taken the certification of its production system as a basis for producing healthy and safe fabrics, and realizing that the production process and products meet the requirements of sustainable textile production in both aspects. In pursuit of the sustainable path of printing and dyeing, New Oasis also shares with us its sustainable strategy.


Suining New Oasis Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. is a large private joint-stock enterprise with 70 years of production history, which is not only the director unit of China Textile Printing and Dyeing Association, but also the national R&D center of textile special protective workwear fabrics, and owns its own brand of apparel fabrics, "Dafa", which is mainly exported to more than 20 countries in Europe, America and Africa, with the annual export amount reaching more than 40 million US dollars. The annual export amount reaches more than 40 million dollars. In terms of military protective camouflage fabrics, the company focuses on the development of anti-infrared camouflage, anti-mosquito and anti-mite, anti-ultraviolet, moisture wicking and anti-bacteria and other special functional fabrics, and has successfully become a long-term military supplier to the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Greece, Brazil and other countries.

Practice the sustainable development concept of "green production and environmental protection".

New Oasis attaches great importance to the environmental awareness of all staff, especially the establishment of environmental protection leading group, the establishment of environmental protection responsibility system, clear environmental responsibilities at all levels. In terms of measures for continuous improvement of environmental quality, chemical control is incorporated into daily production management; pre-treatment adopts low-temperature high-speed boiling process, and all the boiling wastewater is recycled for heat energy, so that all the exhaust gas is purified and discharged in compliance with the standards; alkaline wastewater is used for desulfurization of the boiler flue gas, so that the waste is turned into a resource, and the waste is treated as waste; the concentration of the emission of the main pollutants is controlled to be lower than the standard limit of about 50%, so as to maintain the total amount of pollutant emission decreases every year; purchasing and using environmentally friendly raw materials. down; purchasing and using environmentally friendly raw materials to eliminate or reduce the impact on the environment from the source.

Reduce carbon footprint and become a demonstration enterprise of energy-saving and emission reduction technology application.

In accordance with the national environmental protection requirements, New Oasis builds sewage treatment plant and waste gas treatment facilities with high standards, adopts water recovery and recycling system in the production workshop, carries energy online monitoring and information management platform, establishes energy management organization, and sets up assessment system for water, electricity and gas consumption, so as to improve the production efficiency, reduce the energy consumption of the unit products, and create a healthy, safe and clean production environment. Reduce energy consumption: after replacing the Roots blower for wastewater treatment aeration with a high-efficiency magnetic levitation blower, the result of 30% power saving is reached; installing a wastewater heat recovery system, annual savings of 1,200 tons of standard coal.

Reducing energy loss: installing a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving rolling cart in the washing section of the production workshop to reduce the cloth rolling surplus rate and to reduce the steam loss of the cloth dryer.

Reduce the steam loss of cloth dryer; insulate the end face of cloth dryer drum to reduce the heat loss.