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Sustainable Development

btaining STANDARD 100 and STeP by OEKO-TEX ® Two certifications, based on the production system certification, New Oasis produces healthy and safe fabrics, achieving compliance with sustainable textile production requirements in both the production process and products.


According to national environmental protection requirements, New Oasis has built sewage treatment plants and waste gas treatment facilities to high standards. Water recovery and recycling systems are used in production workshops, equipped with online energy monitoring and information management platforms. Energy management agencies are established, and a water, electricity, and gas consumption assessment system is established to improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption per unit product, and create a healthy, safe, and clean production environment.

Reduce energy consumption: After replacing the Roots blower used for wastewater treatment aeration with an efficient magnetic levitation blower, a 30% electricity saving result was achieved; Installing a wastewater heat recovery system can save 1200 tons of standard coal annually.

Reduce energy loss: Install new high-efficiency and energy-saving rolling cars in the water washing section of the production workshop, reduce the rolling residue rate of the cloth surface, and reduce the steam loss of the drying machine; Insulate the end face of the drying drum of the cloth dryer to reduce heat loss.

Reduce carbon footprint and become a demonstration enterprise for energy-saving and emission reduction technology application
ISO9001 ISO14001

New Oasis attaches great importance to the environmental awareness of all employees, and has established an environmental leadership group to establish a post environmental responsibility system and clarify the environmental responsibilities of personnel at all levels. In terms of continuously improving environmental quality measures, incorporate chemical control into daily production management; The pre-treatment adopts a low-temperature and high-speed cooking process, and all the cooking wastewater is subjected to thermal energy recovery to purify and discharge the exhaust gas to meet the standards; Using alkaline wastewater for boiler flue gas desulfurization to turn waste into resources and treat waste with waste; Control the concentration of major pollutants to be about 50% below the standard limit, and maintain a gradual decrease in the total amount of pollutants discharged year by year; Purchase and use environmentally friendly raw materials to eliminate or mitigate their impact on the environment from the source.

Practice the sustainable development concept of "green production, emphasis on environmental protection"